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The Postgraduate Diploma Programme holds its lectures in three assigned Lecture Rooms "B",  "D" and "H" and in one computer laboratory  "LB-lab" all based at the Leonardo Building of ICTP.  Each lecture room is equipped with a blackboard, an overhead projector and a stationary computer connected to a beamer. The "LB-lab" is equipped with high-computing facilities. Lectures are automatically recorded using the EyA technology developed by the ICTP Science Dissemination Unit.  Access to this digital material is made available at the following web-site:

Out of their lecture-time, students make use of a specific study area that consists of three assigned rooms  "A", "F" and "G"  equipped with 30  P.C.s.   along with printing facilities. Students may purchase a laptop computer and the Programme covers half of its cost. The Information and Communication Technology section provides full technical support and a number of informatics services to the students.

The ICTP Library offers the students information support and services, a vast collection of specialized literature in printed and electronic format, and its facilities, which include computer workstations, complete wireless coverage, photocopiers and printers.  The Library facilities are reserved for bibliographic and research related usage only.
A selection of textbooks, suggested by the lecturers, is on display in the Library entrance area. This reference collection is at the exclusive disposal of the Diploma students within the Library premises.

Students are assigned lockers for keeping their personal belongings (LB terrace level,) and pigeon holes (LB first floor) for receiving correspondence.

Students have access to all ICTP services and facilities such as: medical office, operations and travel agency, bank, visa and passport office, housing  office, insurance agency and mail office.

Free Italian Courses are given to students. The courses are tailored for students without or with little knowledge of the Italian language.

Pre-arrival and other technical information can be found here.