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The one-year ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Programme consists of about 9 months of course work, followed by a dissertation. The grades are based on a combination of problem sets, and course final exams.

Final course grades are:

> 90% = E (Excellent)
75-90% = A (Very Good)
65-74% = B (Good)
50-64% = C (Satisfactory)
<50% = F (Fail)

The grade-point equivalent is:

E = Excellent = 4.0
A = Very good = 3.0
B = Good = 2.0
C = Satisfactory = 1.0
F = Fail = 0.0

To receive the ICTP Postgraduate Diploma, a student must successfully complete course work, and write an acceptable Diploma dissertation. A student will not be allowed to continue in the Postgraduate Diploma Programme if he/she gets two or more 'F' grades.

The Postgraduate Diploma Programme is tough, and students have to work hard. But they will be happy to know that the vast majority of students make it, and get their ICTP Diplomas!

Feedback from old students indicate that they found the Postgraduate Diploma Programme of considerable importance in their professional development.